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FOOD Choices

FOOD Choices

Beagles benefit from a balanced diet that includes high-quality animal proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fiber.

Beagles have a hearty appetite but are prone to obesity, so it's important to carefully measure their food portions.


Activity Requirements

Beagles are energetic and lively dogs that require regular exercise to maintain their health and happiness. They thrive on activities like daily walks, play sessions, and scent games, which not only keep them physically fit but also mentally stimulated.

Looking Good, good lookin!

Regular Brushing

Beagles shed moderately throughout the year, so regular brushing (at least twice a week) is crucial to remove loose fur and prevent matting, which helps distribute natural skin oils to keep their coat healthy and clean.

Ear Care

Due to their long, floppy ears, Beagles are prone to ear infections because the covered ear canal can trap moisture and debris. Regularly checking and cleaning their ears with a vet-approved solution can prevent these issues.

Dental care

Beagles love to eat, which makes them susceptible to dental problems. Regular teeth brushing with dog-specific toothpaste and providing dental chews can help maintain oral hygiene and prevent periodontal disease.


Beagles do not have webbed paws like some breeds, their active nature can lead to accumulation of dirt and debris between their paw pads. Regularly checking and cleaning their paws will help prevent irritation and infection.

Health Care

Skin & Coat

Beagles can suffer from skin conditions such as allergies, which often manifest as itchy, dry, or flaky skin. Incorporating essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 into their diet can help improve skin.

Eye care

Beagles are susceptible to eye conditions like glaucoma and cherry eye. Providing them with antioxidants such as vitamins C and E can help support eye health