“Every little bit really does help!”

Get a stray’s tail wagging.

A registered NGO started by three passionate dog lovers, the Perroayuda Welfare Foundation focuses on the welfare of stray animals across various parts of Delhi NCR – and other cities in states where volunteers are available to lend a helping hand. Rescuing strays in need, they provide them with food, care, medical treatment and above all, lots of love!

Handling each case with sensitivity, over 500 volunteers and 100 interns have saved the lives of more than 1,000 of our furry friends. Currently, around 75 rescued dogs are undergoing treatment. The programmes that Parroayuda runs include rescue operations, adoption of strays and fun feeding drives for awareness. They’re also looking to open Animal Shelters and an Animal Ambulance soon. As the need for volunteers and interns is always high,
give a thought to doing your bit with them. The more hands they have, the more we can help our pawed pals. It’s simple as that.

“Every little bit really does help!”

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The Un-Fur-gettable Experience That Changed My Life

These are some of the things that would run through my mind, every time I saw a dog. I liked dogs, but always felt nervous around them. What would happen if you locked up a dog and me in the same room? I’m not sure I’d be able to imagine!

All that changed one day, when I was walking around my building feeling shattered, broken and hopeless.

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