Mudita | May-2022

The Un-Fur-gettable Experience That Changed My Life

To My Fur-ever Friend, With Love

Heart racing. Deep breaths. The desire to run fast and far…

These are some of the things that would run through my mind, every time I saw a dog. I liked dogs, but always felt nervous around them. What would happen if you locked up a dog and me in the same room? I’m not sure I’d be able to imagine!

All that changed one day, when I was walking around my building feeling shattered, broken and hopeless. A white furball sped his way into my life. At the time, I was pretty scared. I remember thinking that this would definitely be my last day. And it was my last day – only of being someone who was uncomfortable around, and afraid of, dogs.

That incident marked the beginning of a new chapter for the both the dog and me. I had found my forever friend. And in honour of my little doggo pal, I visited the Perroayuda Welfare Foundation in New Delhi. This NGO does an amazing job in caring for over 75 dogs, nursing them back to good health, and preparing them for adoption.

I spent the day feeding and playing with Hero, a Labrador, and a few indie rescues. My heart broke to see these loving animals abandoned because no one wanted to care for dogs with medical issues. That’s why, NGOs like the Perroayuda Welfare Foundation play such an important role in taking care of these animals.

The dogs are fed twice a day with nutritious meals like rice and chicken. The NGO runs various animal welfare programmes, such as a pet adoption drive and an animal birth control programme. They also have a hospital for stray or rescued dogs, where the animals are treated for free. Once the stray has recovered, they are sent back to the area from where they were picked up. Rescued dogs are either put up for adoption or are housed in the facility, if there’s no one willing to take care of them.

After all this time, and after meeting all these wonderful dogs, my heart still races, I still take deep breaths and I still feel the desire to run fast and far… not in fear anymore, but with a genuine desire to cuddle and care for these angels. I still remember how, when I had no one, I always had my little doggo around to support me. His innocent eyes would say, “I am here for you”.

Dogs have a lot of love to give, and a lot of them are eagerly waiting for their forever home.  Many hands are required to take care of these rescues and, more than that, many compassionate hearts to adopt them. More than a friend, dogs have been a lifeline for me. What’s stopping you, my friend, from giving them a chance!


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