Sandeep | May-2022

Indies Rule! Time to break some myths.

“Indie dogs are so aggressive!”

“They don’t fit in with families”

“Purebred dogs are cuter”

Even in 2021, many people still think adopting Indie dogs is a downgrade, compared to a more ‘purebred’ or ‘exotic’ breed. We at HushHush Hounds would like to take this opportunity to crush these opinions as baseless misconceptions with no truth whatsoever!

For us, all dogs are royalty who deserve to be treated with unconditional love and admiration. Be it huskies or strays, pugs or golden retrievers – they all have personalities fit for kings and queens. And kings and queens have a right to a palace, a dog home. Which is why, we proudly stand with the ongoing ‘adopt, don’t shop’ campaign.

This isn’t to say there aren’t humans who love and worship indie dogs. We can think of many organisations and foundations doing their best to rescue and find a home for them. Unfortunately, some misconceptions are so deep-rooted that if it isn’t an exotic breed, some people won’t even
bother. So, to break them for good, we decided to speak to a professional.

One such dog lover that we spoke to, is Manoj, founder of Gracias Dog Spa. Like many dog lovers like us, Manoj also grew up with a childhood pet. As he grew up, he would learn to hold a special place in his heart for all dogs. One day, in 2009, he adopted another dog as a companion. Soon, one turned into two and before he knew it, he had a family of five dogs. Wanting to give his dogs all the space they would need, he decided to move. In 2016, he founded Gracias Dog Spa, a quaint spa and stay for dogs, located on Sohna Road, Gurgaon.

When we asked him about his views on the debate between purebred and Indie dogs, Manoj’s views were that of any true dog lover. He didn’t see any difference between the two; he believes that the only things dogs need are shelter, food, and unconditional love. He even told us how much difficulty he went through to get a grown Indie adopted and how misconceptions cloud the decision making for many people. 

He wanted to give one piece of advice to dog lovers who were looking to adopt, “The biggest advantage of an Indie dog is their high immunity levels. They come in multiple shapes and sizes, they’re all exotic. They are very low maintenance; they will eat whatever you cook at home. Indies don’t fall ill that often and they are much easier to handle”. 

Like Manoj, there are many non-profit organisations and foundations doing their utmost to find Indies loving homes. It’s time we all started putting aside myths and allow ourselves to open our hearts to stray dogs. These strays have so much love, enthusiasm, and personality, so why shouldn’t they also deserve a loving home? 

Trust us, each time you adopt an indie dog, you not only save their life, but you also bring a new source of life into your home. They’ll be with you on good days and bad, and some days, they might even save you.

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